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Myspace Code Generator lets you create a cool Love Calculator widget on your MySpace page (or any other page). Once you use this code, your friends will be able to check your love compatibility :). Not only your page will be interactive and nicer and different than others', but there will also be a sweet reason to brag about the score :). Go ahead - you might have your widget in a matter of seconds!

Customization Options

First choose how you want your calculator to look like. While you're doing it, changes appear in real time (look below, there's a dynamic example). Everything is optional - you may even skip the customization part and you'll get a myspace code that uses default values.
Border style
Border size
Background color      click on the colored square to change the color!
Font color     
Border color     
Form color     
Your name
Note: this name appears in a "his/her name" part (and not in "your name"), because for your visitors, you are "he/she", right?

This is what you will get

This is an axample that takes into account things you set up in the above form.

Check name compatibility at Love Calculator!
Your name
Her/His name

Myspace HTML code

You need to paste this code into your profile. Confused myspace users: there are detailed instructions in the next paragraph.

<div style="color:#000000; position:relative; background-color:#FF9999; border:2px solid #000000; padding:5px;">Check name compatibility at <a href="" style="color:#000000;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:underline;">Love Calculator</a>!<br> <form action="" method="post"><input name="one" type="text" size="15" maxlength="50" style="background-color:#FF6666;"> Your name<br> <input name="two" type="text" size="15" style="background-color:#FF6666;" maxlength="50" value=""> Her/His name<br><input type="submit" value="calculate!" style="background-color:#FF6666;"></form></div>Get your own, personalized <a href="">myspace code</a> for love calculator!

Detailed instructions for myspace users

1. Copy the myspace code from above (select it with a mouse and either press Ctrl+C or right click and choose "copy").
2. Go to MySpace and click on home and then on edit profile.
3. Paste the myspace code to the "About Me" box (place a cursor in the box and either press Ctrl+V or right click and choose "paste"). If you already have some content in this box, paste the myspace code either above or below it (in the same box).
4. Click on "Save All Changes".
5. Ask your friends to visit your profile and use the calculator :-)
6. If you'd like, it would be great if we were friends - Add to friends! Also, my profile page is here.

If you're still confused, here's a screenshot with myspace code being inserted:
myspace code

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