Love calculator - introduction.

Love calculator is a cool tool that measures love compatibility of two people (by name, date of birth and zodiacal sing). All you need to do is to enter two names and you will instantly know whether there is a chance of a successful romantic relationship.

While this website has been built for fun and should not be treated very seriously, you might find Love Calculator very useful when it comes to letting your friends know that you like them and care about them. Type in your and his or her name, hit the "calculate name compatibility" button and - apart from the result, you'll see a link that you can send to your friends over ICQ, MSN, e-mail, etc., or post it on your blog. Five seconds of entering, copying and pasting will mean a lot to them. After all, who doesn't like receiving messages about himself? It's not only a message about that person - it's a web page about your friend. Moreover, it's a website about YOU and HIM or YOU and HER sent by you to him/her. And best of all, you don't even go into that uneasy situation when you want to tell someone "I like you", but are afraid it's going to be awkward. All you do is give them a link to a neat website! It's hard to think of any more convenient and faster way of strengthening your friendships. Even if it's not a huge step, it is something that is important to them. So go ahead, use the Love Calculator to check your name against all your friends' names and show them results!

There's also one more thing you could use my site for. If you have a website or your own blog, you could paste a simple HTML code and have your very own, free Love Calculator right there! Place it in a visible place (but in a way that wouldn't disturb your site's functionality), perhaps near the top, so that your visitors would see it right when they enter. The result? You will appear as a fun person, who enjoys all those little and neat things in life, somebody who is cheerful, happy and open towards meeting new friends.

The formula used in love calculator were developed deep beneath the ground, in secret laboratories of NASA and Hershey's. Proved to be too effective, love calculator has been banned in several countries and later on the love calculator project was abandoned by it's fathers (official statements was: "yeah, it's cool, but it doesn't make space shuttles, nor chocolate better"). Picked up by the humble person behind everything you see now, was then turned into something that others refer to as the pinkest website in the world. Sit back and enjoy!

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