"Wzzzz. Bum! Bum!" That's basically what my thoughts have looked like for the past several days. Occasional "biga, buga, dong!" didn't manage to change the whole picture. I had to stop that madness, I had to start thinking clearly. Let's do something big. Let's conquer the World. Yeah, that would be a good start.

So I sat down, took a pencil, scissors, few sheets of paper and started designing the ultimate weapon, something as silly as possible. Love calculator was born.

Having the weapon ready, there are only two things left. I need to find a way to attach a mind-controlling device to this huge, 100% pink heart you can see in the background. Already done. Don't you feel a bit dizzy right now? Second task is actually your job. I need many, many people to see that heart. So please, be kind and paste our address to your friends. Five seconds of relatively easy work - how that compares to my bold plans? I promise, after the successful revolution you'll get anything you want.

Seriously, I'm Mateusz Mucha, I'm a sociology student at Jagiellonian University (Cracow, Poland) and I made this website just for fun. If you liked it, please link to me, or place love calculator tool on your website or give its address to your friends (over ICQ, for example). On every page with results there's a special "give this results to a friend" box with an address to a page with identical results.

muszek [at] gmail [dot] com is my e-mail in case you felt like dropping me a message. Blueprints of weapons of mass destructions would be nice. Just don't tell G.W.

P.S. New Zealand is not included in my plans. You guys can sleep peacefully.

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